Expert: Eilat Complex Would Harm Reefs

UPDATE: SPNI is vigorously fighting a battle against these plans in hopes to protect the reef and its surrounding area. One of the most vital arguments against the development is it’s contradiction to the National Master Plan for the Coasts of Eilat; a plan put in place to protect the coasts. SPNI has placed over 3,000 objections from the public as part of its effort to protect Eilat’s reef. By continuing to oppose development plans, SPNI aims to keep Eilat’s reef blossoming and healthy.

As the northernmost coral reef in the world, Eilat’s “Almog” reef is considered a gem of Israel. Unfortunately, development plans on the coast place a threat to this aquatic ecosystem. Only 300 feet from the shoreline, developers hope to build a hotel and commercial center on 3 acres of land in an area already reaching its ecological capacity for human development.