Open Landscapes

SPNI’s OLI is a think tank for one of Israel’s most urgent environmental threats– the land crisis. Through a network of experts, in a variety of fields related to the environment and land use planning, OLI defines conflicts, develops policy recommendations and means for preserving open spaces, while achieving balanced development.

OLI’s day-to-day activities include :

The Survey and Evaluation Unit: Survey data and the recommendations resulting from their evaluation and classification are digitally mapped and described, then distributed to planners, environmentalists, and development authorities.

GIS: OLI’s Geographic Information System analyzes survey and evaluation reports. GIS maps geographical, ecological, and planning information, and prepares visual before and after illustrations for SPNI’s Environmental Protection Division, planners, and other environmental bodies.

Policy and Planning: OLI staff translate technical research using open space preservation principles into policies to be adopted by government authorities.