Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean Coast that border’s Israel on the west is 125 miles (200 km), a meager stretch when compared to neighboring countries such as Italy (4,722 miles) and Greece (8,322 miles). Of these 125 miles, only 31 miles remain open to the public. They are also under constant threat of development.
In 1998, SPNI began a major initiative, in coordination with other organizations, to protect these last remaining miles of coast. Their efforts have resulted in passage of the Coastal Law. This law forbids development less than 985 feet from the coast, and has declared the remaining open coastal space as public property.

Now SPNI is working to:

Implement the Law: The true test of the Mediterranean Coastal Protection Law will be in its implementation, and SPNI plans to play a central role on planning committees.

Provide Alternative Plans: While the Coastal Law is groundbreaking, the threat to the coast continues to exist. Thus, SPNI will respond to development plans by suggesting alternatives.

Educate the Public: SPNI will continue to inform the public about the law, the public’s right to unfettered access to the beaches, and future development plans that threaten the coast.

Public Right to Free Passage: SPNI is working to establish the Mediterranean Coast Trail, a path enabling people to walk along the Mediterranean shore from North to South.