Lake Kinneret

Inspired by the Appalachian Trail in the United States, the Israel Trail runs from one end of the country to the other, covering 950 kilometers. It intersects and overlaps with many trails – all part of the large network of trails and routes that were built and marked by SPNI’s Israel Trails Committee (ITC).

The detailed set of Israel Tracks and Trails maps sold by SPNI enable every visitor, hiker, and nature lover to explore the land through safe and rewarding nature outings.

The ITC also is responsible for:

Marking Trails
About 9,000 kilometers of path are marked and actively maintained by SPNI.

Supporting Hikers
Hikers can contact the ITC if they become lost or run out of water.

SPNI and the ITC future plans include:

  • Maintaining and installing new signs on the trail.
  • Erecting more permanent signage (larger signs, with small informational maps) installed in cement .
  • Creating maps and hiking guides in English.
  • Providing water installations, especially in the south.
  • Building shelters along the trail.