Orienteering is SPNI’s Youth Organization (much like scouts), and uses nature education to introduce future generation to a sustainable Israel. From Afula to Be’er Sheva, From 1 st through 12 th grades and even during the army, the range of Orienteering include:

Young Green Activists Course for 9 th graders – Upon completion of this course, graduates initiate and encourage social-environmental activity in their towns, such as: adopting archeological or urban nature sites, guiding nature tours and planning ecological events for their community to raise awareness about the
handling of trash and recycling.

Youth Guides Course for 10 th graders – This intensive course ensures that all graduates have the skills necessary to lead groups with expertise, safety and success. Throughout the year, participants learn biology, geology, Israeli history and more. Training includes dozens of activities and a four-day survival field trip. The final test is without the benefit of vehicles,communication devices or watches! For those who successfully complete the course, they lead the younger orienteering groups and work at SPNI summer camps all over the country.

Another Orienteering program that is run in coordination with the Israeli Defense Forces is Seeds of Young Eco-Warriors. Through this program, SPNI orienteering graduates volunteer for longer service periods during which they work with communities to strengthen the resident’s involvement with and appreciation of nature while serving in the army and conducting their regular duties at the same time.