Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, is the trend-setting and media center of the country, where one million people enter and exit each day. SPNI, observing the national shift in political power towards local issues, founded the Tel Aviv branch in 1999 to inform and mobilize Tel Avivians, creating a local base of environmental strength. SPNI’s Tel-Aviv Center for Environmental Action is effecting change within local communities and building a stronger, civil society.

SPNI-Tel Aviv Victories

  • Green Forum – a coalition of 45 neighborhood committees and environmentally active grassroots organizations. Established and coordinated by SPNI-Tel Aviv staff, the Green Forum is at the forefront of advancing an environmental agenda for Tel Aviv. Coalition members meet at SPNI-Tel Aviv’s Green Building.
  • Tel Aviv’s Strategic Plan – built public participation in development stage
  • Yarkon Park – the city cancelled plans for massive development there
  • Coastal park along the open coastline in north Tel Aviv – the city council’s accepted SPNI-Tel Aviv’s proposal to preserve and develop the park

  • Green spaces – protected existing green spaces in Jaffa, HaTikva neighborhood and the city center
  • Ayalon Park – SPNI-Tel Aviv led a wide coalition of non-profit organizations who united and built grassroots support for the park. The park, to be built on Mount Hiriya, the site of central Israel’s largest landfill, and on adjacent agricultural lands, will serve as the main green lung for the entire Tel Aviv region.
  • "Green Council Watch" – prepares annual reports that summarize the voting patterns of city council members
  • "Walking for Tel Aviv" – students from 40 schools around the city mapped their schools’ surrounding areas and prepared a walking route. Students, teachers, parents and community members from the elderly to kindergarten age all took part in the walking. Following the project, teachers reported that the children are encouraging their parents to walk more. They are explaining to them the great benefits of walking.

Tel Aviv and People Power!
SPNI – Tel Aviv has three major teams: planning, public policy & community activism, and education. While we have witnessed many tremendous successes, we continue to face many challenges.

Planning issues being decided today will impact the area permanently. For example, while more roads are being built, plans for a light railway system in the city are stalled in the web of city bureaucracy because of a serious disagreement between the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Ministry of Transportation, with a coherent city transportation policy nowhere to be found.

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